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Leader in the field
of concrete

Supershield has been engaged for decades in the search for ecological and innovative products and methods for waterproofing and protection of concrete. Today its products and systems are at the forefront of this sector and confer durability to projects respecting the environment.

Drybox system

Drybox is the system developed by Supershield for the watertight waterproofing of foundations, tanks and hydraulic works in general.

Guarantees integrity

The liquid crystallizing admixture for concrete Admixplus, in combination with solutions of waterproofing of joints perfected over the years, simplicity of application, rapid times of execution, make DRYBOX SYSTEM the most effective and economical system on the market today

Extends the duration

The crystals, which develop within the mass of the concrete, seal the pores and micro cracks, preventing water from penetrating them, protecting structures from chemical aggressions e making them truly durable

Ecological by nature

Admixplus additive, water-based, zero-VOC, REACH certified, uses chemistry same as concrete and allows its recycling at the end of its life cycle at no additional cost. The other components of the system, REACH certified and non-polluting for the environment, are designed for be recycled with the steel of the armor


Crack Repair system

Supershield has designed the Crack Repair system for the definitive repair of cracks, crevices and gravel nests by operating in counter thrust and therefore from the outside of tanks and tanks in operation, even in the presence of strong hydrostatic pressure.

The system combines the use of water-reactive resins with the application of Supershield DPC crystallizing products and allows to block strong water leaks


Liquid membranes system

Superhield has developed numerous waterproofing and protection systems for surfaces and
different structures according to the specific fields of application (roofs, terraces, parking lots, swimming pools, etc.), also in combination with its crystallizing products.

our products

Ecological, innovative and with high technological content

Supershield has chosen a strategy of approach to the market based on the production of products

DPC waterproofing crystallizers

Supershield designs and manufactures a complete range of waterproofing products that includes additives, mortars, plasters and paints, as well as the complementary products necessary to obtain a safe and effective waterproofing of the treated structures.

LCT waterproofing crystallizers

The new generation of water-based crystallizers for waterproofing, repairing and protecting concrete.

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