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Supershield, products for concrete waterproofing

impermeabilizzazione del calcestruzzo

Supershield is a global enterprise specialized in manufacturing construction chemicals with direct presence across five continents. We provide a broad range of innovative products and solutions of the highest quality and performance to protect and improve the durability of the man – made structures. Supershield has several inventions and patented products for the construction industry.

Supershield follows a unique approach for development of new technologies in concrete protection. We bring our knowledge and expertise in concrete and its chemistry into our products for concrete waterproofing and durability enhancement. The engineering community worldwide working on concrete can completely rely on Supershield products to meet any of their needs for concrete protection, be it to waterproof, vapour proof or to protect the concrete from aggressive chemicals and let it be fresh, new, or old concrete, we have a product and solution for it.

We have two unique technologies, which work in line with concrete chemistry, DPC and LCT technologies.

Supershield green technology

green technology

For Supershield, respect for the environment is an integral part of the way we do business. The research and development department of Supershield exclusively studies and develops products with minimum to no environmental impact.

Supershield products range

composizione prodotti orizzontale

Supershield designs and manufactures a complete range of waterproofing products, including additives, mortars, plasters and paints, in addition to complementary products useful to waterproof structures safely and effectively.

Thanks to the high level of competence of its Research and Development department, Supershield has chosen a strategy of market approach that relies on the production of products that are:

  • ecological
  • innovative
  • with high technological content
  • of high quality

This strategic choice, which differs from that of many competitors, has allowed Supershield to establish itself in a niche market as a manufacturer of innovative and technological products able solve problems of waterproofing that others cannot.

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