SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL is a liquid crystalline treatment, developed exclusively by Supershield, ready to use, ecological and water based, for waterproofing and protecting concrete and all cementitious materials. MULTISEAL generates two distinct crystalline formations in the mass of concrete: hygroscopic crystals and hydrated crystals. The first develop and penetrate deeply, sealing pores, capillaries and cracks, while the latter develop on the surface creating a repellent barrier very resistant to external chemical agents. The product is sprayed on in a single coat, waterproofing and protecting concrete from water, moisture, chemical agents, hydrocarbons, problems associated with temperature such as cracks from shrinkage or swelling, damage caused by repeated freeze-thaw cycles, penetration of chloride ions and alkali-silica reactions (ASR).

Use: For waterproofing and protecting bridges, tunnels, flat roofs, car parks, industrial floors, galleries, foundations, underground concrete structures, earth-retaining walls and hydraulic works.

Application: Spray, 1 ltr of product per 5 m2 of surface