MULTISEAL, just sprayed, waterproofs and protects concrete from the most deadly diseases with its three different mechanisms that combine water repellence and dual crystallization.

SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL is a unique water based, environmentally friendly waterproofing and protection treatment for concrete and all cement-based material.

In a single application it will permanently waterproof and protect concrete against water, moisture, aggressive chemicals and temperature associated problems such as concrete leakage, thermal cracking, and damage caused by repeated freeze and thaw cycles, chloride ion penetration, as well as alkali silica reactions (ASR).

The protection properties of SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL take place with three different mechanisms, that combine water repelling technology with impregnation (Hydrated crystals) and DPC crystallization (Hygroscopic crystals) technology.

SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL, once sprayed on to the concrete, taking advantage of its low viscosity will seep into the pores and capillaries, where it chemically reacts and results in an outstanding protection system by forming a water repelling substrate with two distinctive crystal formation (Hydrated and hygroscopic) filling the pores, capillaries and voids from all the directions.


The initial reaction that takes place once the SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL starts drying on the concrete surface is with an excellent repelling feature. This takes place when the product reacts with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and forms a invisible film on the surface and also on the inner walls of the pores that prevents water from penetrating into concrete through capillaries by increasing the surface tension of water and other liquids such as jet fuel and oils.


The hydrated crystals (contains water as part of its chemical formula and structure) are formed on the top surface, filling pores and capillaries of the concrete for about 5-20 mm deep, depending upon the concrete matrix. The hydrated crystals are formed by MULTISEAL chemically reacting with the calcium hydroxide present in the concrete, that produces calcium silicate hydroxides, similar to the ones that are formed during the cement hydration process.


Deep inside the concrete substrate the SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL form hygroscopic crystalline structure by means of a complex chemical reaction involving pressure of osmosis and Brownian movement.

The crystals can only occur where moisture is present, and thus will form in the pores, capillary tracts, and shrinkage cracks in concrete. The reaction will continue until the SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL system chemicals are either depleted or run out of water. Chemical diffusion will take these chemicals about 12 inches minimum into the concrete.

If water has only soaked two inches into the surface, then the MULTISEAL system chemicals will only travel two inches and stop but, they still have the potential to travel 10 inches further, if water reenters the concrete at some point in the future and reactivates the chemicals.

Instead of reducing the porosity of concrete, like water reducers, plasticizers, and superplasticizers, or just covering the substrates using membranes or fluid applied membranes, SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL system protects by three different mechanisms in single application. Because these chemical formations are within the concrete and are not exposed at the surface, they cannot be punctured or otherwise damaged like membranes or surface coatings.

SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL system is highly resistant to chemicals where the pH range is between 3 and 11 under constant contact, and 2 to 12 under periodic contact.

SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL will tolerate temperatures between -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 degrees Centigrade) and 265 degrees Fahrenheit (130 degrees Centigrade) in a constant state. Humidity, ultraviolet light, and oxygen levels have no impact on the products ability to perform.

In a nutshell SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL system protects the concrete against its most deadly diseases.