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Supershield Thermokote is a liquid insulating coating, based on nano ceramic molecules, which is designed for insulating buildings against heat and cold with a single application.

After application, the coating becomes a continuous membrane which ensures not only thermal insulation but also impermeability, fire resistance and noise abatement.

In total, Thermokote prevents 95% of solar thermal energy from entering a building; the remaining 5% of the heat is absorbed by the microspheres, thanks to their high heat dissipating power and low conductivity.
Thermokote has excellent resistance to standing water and great strength, is resistant to UV, and is flexible and long lasting.

Due to the particular cross linking structure of its molecules, Supershield Thermokote has a high adhesion capacity and minimum expansion and contraction values on substrates such as wood, iron, bricks and concrete.

The cross linking structure of Thermokote stops water entering from the outside but allows water vapour to pass through from the inside (Variable Permeability), which prevents the formation of bubbles in the coating and allows the substrate to breathe.
In addition, Thermokote prevents dirt and smog from sticking to the coating and, thanks to its high tensile strength, it can be walked on.


for insulating from heath roofs, flat roofs, terraces, exterior and interior walls, technological installations exposed to the sun, etc.


0.5 L/m2 per coat, minimum 2 coats.

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