Drybox system

Drybox is the system developed by Supershield for the watertight waterproofing of foundations, tanks and hydraulic works in general.

Drybox consists in:

  • carrying out the work with waterproof concrete obtained by adding, in the concrete mixing plant, of ADMIXPLUS , a water-based crystallizing and waterproofing product of the mass, of the range SUPERSHIELD LCT .
  • taking care of the realization of rigid joints, of movement and of casting joints with specific products and devices designed and tested over time by Supershield.
  • thus obtaining the total and lasting impermeability of the structure.

Advantages of the Supershield Drybox waterproofing system

This strategic choice, which differs from that of many competitors, has allowed Supershield to establish itself in a market niche as a manufacturer of innovative and technological products capable of solving the problems of waterproofing of concrete that others cannot cope with.

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Simple and effective, it does not modify normal construction practices.

  • it does not require modifications to the structural design to the characteristics of the concrete mix envisaged by the designer
  • ADMIXPLUS is automatically integrated into the batching plant in the concrete mix through the use of common dispensers for liquid additives, thus returning to the automated production cycle of the plant.
  • the exact quantity of ADMIXPLUS crystallizer inside the load will be shown in the print at the end of the cycle
  • it does not require the intervention of specialized third-party companies for its implementation
  • it is ecological and safe , does not pollute, it is suitable for contact with drinking water and allows you to get points for the LEED system .
  • it is cheap And reduces construction times compared to other systems
  • applied under the supervision of Supershield technicians, it allows the issue of the ten-year posthumous guarantee by a leading insurance company.
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